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This Is Why I Do What I Do

In your corner since 2017!

Alex helped me to unlock courage, persuasion and influence as well as all the hidden potential I forgot I had and lost along the way. I feel really empowered and self-confident again. I now understand the keys to success and this program has been really self revealing!!

Alex is an authentic cheerleader and top coach in high performance. She fully invests her heart and soul in her clients. She listened well to my needs and always asked me the right questions to guide me to find my own solutions and she did it with great humility, empathy and high performance. 

I can't think of anyone I'd rather recommend than Alex. She lives and breathes high performance and it has been an honor working with her.

- Monica Sanchez
Fragrance Development Director

I am lucky to have had Alex by my side through different stages of my life. She always shares valuable advice and tangible information that I can easily use in my day to day life.

Over the years, I've been able to find clarity in life and through our discussions my mindset has changed. This has opened up new opportunities and made me a better person both at work and at home.

Vienna Chew -
Senior Account Manager

If you want to get head of the competition, grow faster in a healthy way and tap in your full potential to lead with excellence, Alexandra is the coach you want in your corner. Not only you will perform at higher levels professionally, but you will gain new perspectives for becoming a better contributor in your life.

Alexandra will ask questions to create amazing breakthroughs. The depth of her coaching is remarkable. I have seldom had a coach as skilled in challenging my beliefs, my paradigm and way of thinking. It made the difference in both my professional and personal life.

I highly recommend Alex. She will unapologetically challenge you and help you level up your life and reach high performance.

- Hubert Pilloud
President Hubert Global, LLC

When I first started high performance coaching with Alex I was at a point in life where I had plateaued. I sought out Alex because I wanted a certified high performance coach to find out for myself if coaching was an effective strategy for real and lasting growth. 

Since on boarding with Alex I’ve made such huge accomplishments in my life.  I have laid down three vices that have plagued me for decades. I’ve upleved my health through yoga, daily green shakes, walks and runs outside and having “dream dinners” with my family. There are so many things that have changed in my daily habits and way of doing life in these last months of high performance coaching. But the changes that I value most of all are those changes of mindset.What a difference that has made! 

Moving forward these changes will completely alter the path of not only my life but the lives of those in my sphere of influence.  My growth into the best version of myself not only will affect Me but also my wife, kids and extended family, closest friends and many more whom I come in contact with on a daily basis.  Change in my life creates a ripple effect that goes far beyond even my own understanding.

I read a saying the other day that goes like this:  “You don’t need more time in your life.  You need more life in your time.”  This statement sums up the results of the growth that I’ve experienced through coaching with Alex.  I am consistently adding more life to my time as we work together and I grow.  

Thank you, Alex, for inspiring growth and change in me as we work together!  You are amazingly gifted at this work!  Keep it up! 

Perry H -
Owner IGA Kids